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(A4) Workshop - Introduction to Read & Write GOLD (30 minutes)

Presenter: Lisa Boone, Aroga Technologies

Abstract: During this session, we will explore the variety of tools built within the Read & Write Gold program to support a diverse range of students.  Tools are available in a convenient tool bar that is placed around standard applications to support the entire learning process. We will introduce tools to support reading, writing, and learning.  Participants will also see the web apps in action so that students are supported in all environments.

Audience: Users new to using Read&Write Gold to support learning

Learning Objectives:

  • Participants will walk away with an understanding how RWG supports a diverse range of students, regardless of the digital environment the student is working in
  • Participants will understand the range of tools available to support learning
  • Participants will explore the ability to customize the tools as needed for students on an individual basis.

Biography: Lisa is a passionate advocate for exceptional learners and has worked with exceptional learners for almost 2 decades. When computers and the Internet started to become more accessible to average users, Lisa implemented a computer-learning centre with the goal of training adults with exceptional needs basic computer skills. Participants in the classes were diverse, ranging from developmental delays, physical and learning disabilities, vision impairment, brain injury, as well as individuals diagnosed with mental illness. Lisa was on her own steep learning curve when building curriculum to facilitate learning for each participant and accommodating different learning styles. Lisa has travelled across Canada to work with educators, families as well as students in integrating their technology into their personal environments. Lisa has worked with many learning software packages since their initial release, and is currently working through her GAFE Certification. Lisa also has family members with exceptional learning needs and this has infinitely increased her passion towards the integration of learning support software in educational and employment settings. She was an active board member on the Learning Disabilities Association of Alberta for many years.

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