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(A8 - VSS) Connecting the Dots: How Student Data on their Professors’ Use of ICTs Fits into a UDL Framework

Presenters: Laura King and Alice Havel

  • In collaboration with Catherine Fichten, Mary Jorgensen, Jillian Budd, Rhonda Amsel, Cristina Vitouchanskaia, Alex Lussier, Tiiu Poldma

Abstract: In 2014, our research team surveyed 311 Quebec college students.  An online survey was designed so that it was accessible to a varied postsecondary student population. Students were asked to list the ICTs (Information and Communication Technologies) that their college professors used to teach and state which ones worked well for them as a learner versus those which did not. Students were also asked to make suggestions regarding how ICTs could be used in a way that would work better for them. Our data offer some encouraging results which can be applied to a UDL framework and generalize easily to blended and online classrooms. We were able to reframe the findings to reflect the three principles of UDL and learner variability. In our presentation, we plan to share more of our results with you and discuss those findings which have specific implications for online and blended learning environments. 

Audience: Faculty and Tutors

Learning Objectives:

    • To identify some of the ICT’s which research shows that postsecondary students say work well for them.
    • To recognize which of these ICT’s could enhance access to Online and Blended Learning.
    • To select one innovative ICT to implement in a future Online or Blended course.


Laura King works as a teacher-researcher in the city of Montreal. She recently completed a three-year study on ICTs for students with LD and reading difficulties. She is currently examining instructors’ exemplary practices in the use of ICTs.  She offers workshops on student success for all types of post-secondary learners.

Until recently, Alice Havel was the coordinator of the Student AccessAbility Centre at Dawson College. As a research associate with the Adaptech Research Network, her focus is on the development of inclusive teaching practices through UDL and the use and accessibility of ICTs in postsecondary education.

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