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(L5 - VSS) Forging a New Path: College/University Collaboration in the Creation of a UDL Faculty/Toolkit

Presenters: Roberta Thomson, McGill University

Abstract: Through the analysis of 77 interviews with faculty across 5 post-secondary institutions in Quebec, a new path is being forged to respond to the diverse student population on today’s campuses. This collaborative project explores the facilitators and stressors experienced by faculty across disciplined in their use of the Universal Design for Learning framework. The project goal is the creation of an accessible, bilingual online toolkit, to support faculty in building responsive learning environments aligned with UDL.

Audience: Faculty and tutors, Course and instructional designers, Policy administrators and Student service staff

Learning Objectives for Participants:

  • To understand the context of this Chantier 3 collaborative Quebec project.
  • To discover the key facilitators and stressors experienced by faculty in their implementation of UDL.
  • To understand the themes gained from the interviews with faculty in relation to their use of UDL in their pedagogical practices.
  • To identify aspects of one’s own practice that can shape access or barriers for students and/or faculty.


Roberta Thomson, is the project coordinator of the allUDL Faculty/Toolkit project. She also teaches at the post-secondary level in the college and university settings, on courses related to education and inclusion. Conference Stream We have chosen conference-stream four: leadership Session Type 60-minute presentation. Target

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