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(U7) Online Learning Opportunities and Challenges of UDL Implementation: Reflections from an Instructor and a Doctoral Student

Presenters: Dr. Evelyn Hickey and Noha Altowairiki, PhD Candidate, University of Calgary

Abstract: Universal design for learning continues to gain traction in learning environments.  As educators explore and learn from their experiences about UDL, they can further deepen their knowledge about how to foster UDL by infusing principles of UDL.  This particular presentation is unique in that it is reflecting upon the experiences of an instructor and a doctoral student where the instructor taught a course about UDL while modeling UDL and the doctoral student grew already established knowledge about UDL while examining the instructor’s implementation of UDL in preparation for doctoral candidacy. It was a positive collaborative experience that considered possible barriers and identified barriers during the process.  Examples about how the students engaged, how they demonstrated their knowledge and how they accessed the will be highlighted.

Audience: Professors, Instructors, Teachers, Interventionists, Administrators, Grad Students 

Learning Objectives:

  • Audience will have the opportunity to identify some of the  fundamental structures need to be in place to foster UDL implementation in an online learning environment;
  • Audience will have the opportunity to learn from the instructor’s and  student’s experience with an online UDL-based course such opportunities, challenges, lessons learned; and 
  • By the end of the presentation, audience will have the opportunity to discuss their concerns, share ideas, and present perspectives regard UDL.


Dr. Evelyn Hickey’s research interests are UDL, LD, stigma, and diversity.  As a Learning Leader at a large high school with a huge multicultural/multilingual population, she provides support to staff and students about understanding the impact of barriers on potentiality and to encourage self advocacy.  She also works as a Sessional Instructor at the University of Calgary. 

Noha Altowairiki is a PhD Candidate of Educational Technology in the Werklund School of Education. Her research interests focus on designing and facilitating online collaborative learning and implementing UDL in online teaching and learning environment. Also, she is interested on professional development for online instruction.

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